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Minitrack "Health Data Platforms and Ecosystems" @ AMCIS 2022

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10.08.2022, 09:00 - 15.08.2022, 18:00
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Der Minitrack "Health Data Platforms and Ecosystems" als Teil des übergeordneten Tracks "Data Ecosystems in Information Systems" findet auf der AMCIS 2022 statt. Paper Einreichungen sind bis zum 01.03.2022 möglich.

Beschreibung des Mini-Tracks:

Health Data Platforms and Ecosystems
Digital infrastructures in healthcare do not unfold their potential value for patients, professionals, and other stakeholders, since processes and systems are highly fragmented and there is no seamless flow of information. Beyond technological barriers, there are challenges such as the unwillingness to openly share health data for fear of third-party surveillance or misuse. Yet, recent technological advances to capture personal health data (e.g., wearables) result in an increased data availability which fosters the emergence of larger data repositories.

This mini-track calls for papers on the emergence, design, and evolution of health data ecosystems, broadly defined as multi-stakeholder networks that enable value creation by storing, sharing, and reusing various types of health data in a privacy-preserving, secure, and FAIR manner. We invite qualitative and quantitative contributions that shed light on the critical role of data in healthcare platforms and ecosystems, and can consider them from an individual, organizational and/or societal perspective.

Anne-Katrin Witte, a.witte@tu-berlin.de
Daniel Fuerstenau, dfu.digi@cbs.dk

More information here: https://amcis2022.aisconferences.org/