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CfP Minitrack “Decision Support for Healthcare Processes and Services” @HICSS2023

Mitglieder unserer Community richten als Minitrack Co-Chairs den Minitrack “Decision Support for Healthcare Processes and Services” als Teil des übergeordneten Tracks “Information Technology in Healthcare” auf der HICSS 2023 (3.-6. Januar, Maui) aus. Paper Einreichungen sind bis zum 15.06.2022 möglich.

Datum und Uhrzeit

15.06.2022, 00:05 - 23:55 Uhr
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Call for Papers - Minitrack Decision Support for Healthcare Processes and Services @HICSS2023

Healthcare processes (e.g. patient pathways) and services are often very complex and can involve various parties within an organization or between organizations such as hospitals and other caregivers, as well as the patients. The design of services is often different from traditional service design—as for many healthcare services patients receive care, but insurance companies pay for it. Implementing processes in this domain should result in providing faster, safer and more effective care, necessitating organizing and sharing information among all participants involved in patient care. While the need for well- defined healthcare processes is clear, there are many obstacles and opportunities for research, including technical, behavioral, and organizational topics.

This minitrack focuses on the analysis, design and optimization of healthcare systems, the use of IT to support and improve care processes as well as non-IT assets such as process changes, innovative IT artefacts, and interoperability standards.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Analysis and optimization of healthcare processes and services (e.g. patient pathways, appointment planning, hospital logistics, emergency medical services)
  • Multi–criteria decision analysis of healthcare processes and services
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence for healthcare processes and services (e.g. demand forecasts, medical decision making)
  • Design of decision support systems in healthcare
  • Design and analysis of healthcare processes and services
  • Simulation studies of healthcare processes and services (e.g. emergency departments, hospital logistics)
  • Simulation–optimization approaches for healthcare processes and services
  • The use of medical devices to support the processes and services
  • Organizational change management for implementing new processes
  • Impact of IT–enabled coordination of processes on patient/population health outcomes (e.g. hospital readmissions, cost efficiency)


Deadline for submission is June 15, 2022.

Further information for authors can be found here: https://hicss.hawaii.edu/authors/

Further information on the Minitrack can be found here: https://hicss.hawaii.edu/tracks-56/information-technology-in-healthcare/#decision-support-for-healthcare-processes-and-services-minitrack

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Melanie Reuter-Oppermann (Primary Contact), Technical University of Darmstadt, oppermann(at)is.tu-darmstadt.de

Cameron Walker, University of Auckland, cameron.walker(at)auckland.ac.nz

Nikolaus Furian, Graz University of Technology, nikolaus.furian(at)tugraz.at